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3 Design Tips for Getting that Envelope Opened

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Envelope design can have a great impact on whether or not someone may consider opening it. You may know some of the important factors when it comes to mailing envelopes, such as envelope size and how that can affect the cost of postage, but design fundamentals are also very important. So we recommend the following design tips to get that envelope opened!

  • Paper StockThere are new and intriguing paper stocks coming into the market on a regular basis. A paper stock that is heavier, colored or textured can make an envelope stand out in a pile of newspapers, credit card offers and magazines. Paper stock alone conveys a message and feel. This Paper Specs blog post, "The 5th Color You Never Think About: Paper!", has more information on how paper choice matters.

  • Print EnhancementsIn a world where brands compete for attention, print enhancements can make all the difference. Those few seconds you have to grab someones attention can be the deciding factor of whether the envelope is opened or tossed. Consider print enhancements like foil stamping, and Vivid UV(Scodix) for envelopes.

  • MessageGet creative with a message that peaks interest about the envelope contents. Ask a question, provide an offer, tell them what’s inside, or add personalization. Many of the new digital technologies make it easier, quicker, and cheaper to personalize and use variable data. (Check back later as we’ll be posting on how variable data works with VIVID UV (Scodix).)

Lastly, a reminder that creating mock-ups of your envelope throughout the design process will help visualize the final result and reduce errors when finally printed.

Now, imagine an envelope that includes techniques from each of these tips... Ta-da!⬇️

Below is an envelope Kenning designed and converted for a self promotion mailing campaign. It is 4-color printed on 80 pound cover stock, enhanced with VIVID UV (Scodix) and includes a message with a graphic as a hint to what’s inside.

Partner Portal Direct Mail Campaign Envelope

Here are some other thoughtfully designed envelopes examples.


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