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Holiday Card Design Inspiration

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Are you ready to talk winter holidays? That’s a bit of a tough sell on a beautiful summer day isn’t it? However, it’s the nature of the work we do and we LOVE it! We love brainstorming how to use all the latest techniques and technologies available to create a piece that’s outstanding. We enjoy collaborating to create a piece that stands out from the others in a mailbox.

In that spirit, we’ve put together some inspiring holiday card examples to get your creative wheels turning. With everything from die cutting to embossing and everything in between, there’s something for everyone.

Our hope is that this forethought will have you one step ahead, when your customer comes to you to discuss their upcoming holiday project. And one step ahead of the customer, is a place we’d love for you to be.

Die cut

Simple die cut inserts create a memorable piece that’s truly unique.

Laser Cut

Laser cutting is a favorite of ours as it creates some really fantastic dimensional pieces.

Laser Cut Snowflake Card for Midland University

Multi Fold

Break away from the traditional half fold and go with an accordion fold or other unique fold options. Check out Fold Factory for more inspiration!

Accordion Fold for CH Robinson Holiday Card
Accordion Fold for CH Robinson Holiday Card


Traditional foiling adds sparkle that goes hand-in-hand with the holiday season. Try using foil on text or graphic elements to place extra emphasis on the foil.


Embossing, can be a great option for creating dimension and a tactile experience. We love these white embossed cards that are simple yet unique and interesting.

Vivid UV (Scodix)

Vivid UV is the perfect holiday enhancement. With it’s sparkle and shine it really makes any piece feel special. We’ve seen it used on logos or use it to enhance a graphic element. But some of our favorite ways to use it right now, are with patterns and variable data. A personalized holiday greeting? Who woudn’t love to get that in the mail!

Vivid UV Logo and Pattern on Christmas Card for ATS
Vivid UV Logo and Pattern on Christmas Card for ATS

Look for more holiday inspiration next month as we explore holiday marketing pieces that go beyond cards.

If you're still looking for other holiday card inspiration check out our past post Embellishing Your Holiday Message.


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