Embellishing Your Holiday Message

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Yes, it is August, but we know you’re already thinking about and working on holiday projects! The question, then, is this: how do you make your client's print piece stand out?

Sending a holiday message from your business or organization to customers, clients, or other businesses that you work with is a great way to wish them well during the holiday season and show your appreciation for them. It's as simple as that! However, if you really want your recipient to spend just a bit of extra time with your customers piece, consider the following.

  1. Original shapes? Maybe, it’s a die cut snowflake, or an iron cross lay out. Whatever works for the message you’d like to send, using a shape that’s different than most holiday cards will get you some added attention.

  2. Add some sparkle. The holidays are about all things glitter and sparkly. Enhancements like foil, and Vivid UV paired with an emboss or deboss are sure to turn heads. They’ll also have the recipient holding that piece in their hands, running their fingers over the finishes. A special piece may even find it’s way to a bulletin board where it can be admired all year.

  3. A new dimension. Maybe your customer is looking for something really different. Adding augmented reality to any type of print adds an element of interaction. It calls the recipient to play with the piece and experience the piece on a different level. Maybe they link a video of business owner wishing their customers a joyful season or a graphic of a snowman dancing to music on their holiday card could appear as they focus their device on the piece. The options are endless.

Here are some other simple reminders when planning your holiday message:

  • You may want to consider that your holiday card still reflects your overall brand of your business so that whoever gets it recognizes who it is from.

  • Keep your audience in mind when you add any messages to your holiday card. Consider a simple overall general holiday message if you are unsure of sending a message that may not be relevant to the person receiving it.

The following holiday card examples feature print enhancements that will help embellish and customize your holiday card.

Check out our partner portal to learn more about our enhancements or reach out to us by email sales@kenningoutsource.com to see how we can help embellish your holiday card.

Vivid UV (Scodix SENSE)

Ex. Christmas card with Vivid UV (Scodix SENSE) used for background texture and to enhance the text.

Ex. Holiday card with Vivid UV (Scodix SENSE) used for texture on the sequinned bulbs and to enhance the text.

Credit: UMA Brand Studio

Foil Stamping

Holiday card with gold and white foiling.

Augmented Reality

Ex. Holiday Postcard with Augmented Reality

Ex. Holiday Postcard with Augmented Reality


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