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A Little Creativity Can Go a Long Way with Die Cutting

This piece only seems fitting as we start to enjoy Spring! So we are sharing this unique die cut flower shape to inspire you and your clients. The format has some similarities to an iron cross, however it starts with a simple pentagon shape and transforms into a flower. Die cutting adds shape and dimension to a print piece, which is one way to stand out and increase user engagement. A simple die cut can make a significant impact on the overall design and experience, creating a lasting impression.

For this Spring Fling invitation you can see how the die cut allows for layering of the paper adding that dimension to the piece when folding and unfolding. The genius in this piece is that the design creates that engagement and impression. When lifting each leaf details are revealed about the event, which in turn makes you linger with the piece. Finally after unfolding all the leaves the flower is in full bloom and all of its contents are revealed! In a world where it's hard to grab people's attention, a creative and uniquely designed piece like this really does stand out.

Make it simple, but significant.

We put together some questions and ideas for designers to keep in mind when considering die cutting.

Die Cutting Tips

  1. Does the die cut shape fit with the overall design or message you want the piece to deliver? Making sure the shape makes sense to use is important.

  2. Does the die cut shape affect the flow of the piece? Think how the user would read or visually see images or text.

  3. Does the die cut shape have complicated folds? Can it be machine folded or will it need to be folded by hand? This will affect the cost of the project.

  4. Will the piece be mailed through USPS? Certain design rules will need to be followed to qualify for discounted postal rates.

Visit the Partner Portal for other die cutting inspiration and remember when you use one of our existing dies it's free of charge! So check out the free dieline templates available to download and if you can't find what you're looking for reach out and ask us.


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