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5 Tips for Your Next Envelope Converting Job

5 Tips to Follow for Your Next Envelope Converting Job

It is well understood (especially in the credit card industry) the marketing message on the outside of an envelope is very important in order to get the user to open the envelope. However when it comes to designing your artwork, it is also important to keep in mind a few other tips to make sure your next envelope converting job runs smoothly.

  1. Envelopes are diecut using a high die “cookie cutter” type system and then converted on high-speed converters. Therefore it is important to allow for 1/16” – 1/8” movement in all directions. If you have bleeds or artwork close to the fold, keep this in mind and allow for the necessary amount of bleed and space in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

  2. Ink and coatings should be removed wherever there will be gum/glue (side seams and seal flap area). Use one of our free envelope templates to make sure you have the correct knock-out.

  3. Keep important print away from the sealing area of the envelope if the artwork needs to be seen after the envelope is opened.

  4. If you plan on using a window envelope, consult with your envelope provider on what window sizes and positions are available to make sure your content inside displays correctly.

  5. If you plan on using a non-typical paper for your envelope order, it is advised to consult with your envelope provider to make sure the stock is capable of running on the necessary equipment.

If you have further questions regarding envelope converting please email us at or call us at 320-656-0188.

Darren Kenning

President and CEO, Kenning


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