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Client Feedback: Valentine Publishing House

Recently we collaborated with Valentine Publishing House on a saddle stitched booklet. Afterwards we received a wonderful email thanking us for the superior workmanship and noting the care and consideration our team put into their project. We are grateful for such kind words. Superior quality is what we strive for in each project that comes into our building. It’s simply what we do and who we are. Thank you Valentine Publishing House! We were honored to work on your project.

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent job your workers accomplished when binding the Healing Power Prayer booklets. The uniform staple quality at Kenning was outstanding. Every staple at Kenning was placed exactly where it should be. Another quality consideration from Kenning that I am very grateful for is the exact and precise trim size on every booklet. Preparing the books for shipment... I have never seen a more thoughtful and professionally prepared pallet in my entire life. Your pallet has corner guards, extra shrink-wrap, a special band running from top to bottom, and there’s even a wooden support structure to top. Wow! Thank you, for your superior workmanship and for the care and consideration your workers accomplished to produce this high-quality product. ” Robert Abel Valentine Publishing House


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