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Benefits of Vivid UV (Scodix) in Print Marketing

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Vivid UV (Scodix) enhanced print
Vivid UV (Scodix) enhanced print

There are some great perks to using Vivid UV (Scodix) in print. Check out how beneficial Vivid UV (Scodix) can be when it comes to print enhancements!

  • Studies have shown that using sensory elements in print increases engagement. Vivid UV fits in perfectly with our sensory driven world utilizing sight and touch. Read more about how touch impacts how people perceive brands with The Neuroscience of Touch by Sappi.

Neuroscience of touch by Sappi
Learn more about how touch impacts how people can perceive brands with The Neuroscience of Touch by Sappi.
  • Utilizing only digital or online media will never give you the same effect that Vivid UV can provide. You can’t physically touch online media.

  • Vivid UV is a great alternative for embossing, especially if you are looking to reduce cost to fit a budget or want the embossed look without the indentation on the back side of the paper.

  • Vivid UV can be applied in varying heights and densities. You can also combine Vivid UV with other print enhancements. For example try adding Vivid UV over foil stamping. This can create amazing effects!

  • Personalize your print with Vivid UV. Vivid UV gives you a unique and affordable opportunity to use variable data, so that you are able to personalize your print. We will be discussing using Vivid UV with variable data more in a future blog post.

  • Use Vivid UV on a variety of print materials, such as direct mail, packaging, magazine covers, catalog covers, and more. The opportunities are nearly endless!

  • Short-run projects with Vivid UV are also affordable! Vivid UV uses digital technology which makes lower quantity projects possible and budget friendly.

Go on amplify your brand and invite your audience to take a moment, slow down, and experience print with Vivid UV. Kenning, located in the greater twin cities area, was the first to offer Vivid UV (Scodix) in the five state region. We have the experience and creativity to be your number one source for Vivid UV (Scodix)!


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